Frost on the Wind

from by Endlight

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A tempest to match the greatest raging storms
Whirled in my newly darkened heart
Shadow overtook my furious mind
I shall not allow my pain to go unavenged

I see the path that I must take before me
More clearly than ever before
Every truth I knew was slaughtered
Now the fiends will fall!

Hatred whirls through me
I will show him death
Now my rage grows still
My mind is ablaze!

Fate, that twisted reality
Takes my life to the ground
Life, torn by brutality
I will show them fear.
Warmth has faded now
The cold is setting in
I will not allow
My world to crash without a fight

Ground will shake as they flee
They will remember my name
Blade, the tool that will guide me
To fulfill my vengeance
The mist shows my path
As I emerge from shadows
I will follow my building wrath
And destroy those who scorched my life

And now you are mine.

Must they all die?
The clouds have parted, I see clearly
My vengeance sated
One yet lives, a kill so tempting
I am asked for mercy
Though he shall be silenced soon
What is my task?
To take the final life

Emotion has left me
He has proved his worth
My vengeance is sated
Step closer to my halls
I will bring order
I see death in his eyes
And none shall defeat me
And now you are mine.

Life now falls from me
Brought from this atrocity
Death now calls to me
And I can see his face
Hate has left my mind
A new calm has risen
Order will be spread
I shall bow to none

There was rain that poured to the ground
As blood that the heavens cast down
A veiled face behind a mask of generosity
Still I know that I am what I must be

The frost on the winds may chill my very bones
But my soul will move on through chasms cold
My vengeance taken, though nothing has changed
A new day dawns, I step into the dark.

I was torn by rage
Order never left
I hear a dark voice
Calling me to death


from Darker Than Dreams, released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Endlight Boulder, Colorado

Endlight is a symphonic progressive death metal band that utilizes many different elements to bring a truly unique and eclectic sound to the world of music.

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